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Taxi drivers can now claim up to €20,000 in ESPSV grants against a new electric vehicle when they scrap their old, high mileage petrol or diesel vehicle

Renault Zoe Taxi Offer

  • From €45 per week*
  • Most affordable Taxi with 395km range
  • Access to finance with Renault Bank
  • Fastest charging in the city
  • No.1 EV Manufacturer in Ireland*

Under this scheme, drivers can apply for grants of up to €10,000 towards battery electric vehicles

This is doubled to €20,000 if a new battery electric vehicle replaces a qualifying older or high mileage vehicle which is scrapped.

Combined with the SEAI grant, available to private purchasers of electric cars, up to €25,000 in grants is available to those who scrap their old taxi or hackney for a new electric vehicle.

  1. It’s the most affordable Taxi with 395km range – From only €45 a week
  2. Buying with Renault gives you access to finance with Renault Bank at competitive rates
  3. Fastest Charging in the CityWhether at home, in the city, at the supermarket or on the motorway, you can recharge your ZOE anywhere, anytime:
  • Public charging station (22kW) 83km charge in just 30 minutes*
  • Quick DC charging station (50 kW): up to 150 km of driving range in 30 minutes*
  • Wallbox (7.2 kW): More than 300km of range in 8 hours
  1. Finance offer includes finance of €499 for 7.2 kW wallbox* Home Charging Unit
  2. MY Renault app allows you to check charging status while you are away from the car, preheat/defrost the car remotely while plugged in to maximise range
  3. Renault have over 10 years of Formula 1 inspired EV technology
  4. Buying electric reduces running costs:o  50% off tolls o  Servicing costs reduced - No oil to change and fewer moving parts to wear down
  5. 5 year / 200,000km vehicle warranty
  6. Key Insurance for unfortunate mishaps when lost, stolen or broken.